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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do Cell Antenna Boosters Really Work? Yes! Our company has been selling cell antenna boosters with great success over the past 3 years to extremely satisfied customers all over the world! Read our
Feedback section to see what our customers are saying!

How does the Cell Antenna Boosters work? The Cell Antenna Booster is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the phone and re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's signal performance. The Antenna Booster will work most efficiently when installed properly to reduce static (analog) and momentary cutouts (digital) and increase clarity.

Will Cell Antenna Boosters help me get reception in dead zones? No it won't. Despite what other resellers may claim, the antenna can only enhances a signal that's already in the area. It will not bring in a signal where there is none and cannot improve battery life.

Can I re-use the Cell Antenna Booster on another phone or when I upgrade? This is not recommended. The antenna booster could be damaged in the process of transferring.

What models does it fit? We are not aware of any models it does not fit, the size of the antenna is 1.25 x .75 inches. If your compartment is smaller then this we do not advise using this product. It will not fit Nextel 500 & 800 series and or any models with a screw back battery compartment.

Give it a Try:
Our purchase guarantee is if you're not satisfied with your order, return it within 30 days and we'll refund your money 100%! That's how confident we are that the Cell Phone Antenna Booster will work for you. There's absolutely no risk involved!

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5 Antenna Boosters $19.95 w/ FREE Shipping!

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